Tax Planning - Simplified

At Olson Wiest we only offer one set of services - Tax Planning. But in those services we compete with the best coastal law firms. Everything we do is on a fixed fee to take the uncertainty out of planning and allow our clients to choose planning that fits their budget.

We routinely save clients well over $1M dollars and charge less than 5% of potential taxes saved in almost every scenario. Our lawyers come from the top schools - Harvard, NYU, UCLA, Georgetown - with training at the best law and accounting firms.

A unique service we offer is integrating our tax planning into your existing or new estate planning. We believe integration allows for greater flexibility and savings across income and estate taxes. We can advise on both domestic and international issues, Puerto Rico relocation, Qualified Small Business Corporations, self-created Opportunity Zone funds, among other planning tools.

Our clients often come to us to manage the taxes in a Business Sale, managing taxes in a Merger or Acquisition, at the moment of a large Infusion of Income, Excessive Ongoing Business Income, or otherwise when they generally want a review of their Taxes.

Whether you are starting a business, in need of restructuring, thinking you may be paying too much in taxes, or otherwise curious about your estate and security of your family's future, contact us and we can tell you whether we can help. We operate in a low pressure environment and give potential clients every opportunity to say no.

Because we can offer our services remotely we are happy to serve clients across the US.

We Get Results

The tax planning options currently serving smaller and middle-market businesses do not provide the creativity and sophistication that is offered to larger clients. Our firm is attempting to change that. Our lawyers have served large clients in large firms and bring that expertise to smaller businesses.

At an average tax savings of 20x the amount paid for legal fees, tax planning fees are our clients' highest-return investment. We get results for our clients and those results speak for themselves. 


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    "Ephraim was very responsive and helpful. Very pleased with the work produced. Great overall experience." Read On

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Knowledge and Experience

With Juris Doctorates from Harvard and advanced post-JD-LL.M. education in taxation from New York University, Ephraim and John are among the most qualified tax and estate specialists in Utah.

Olson Wiest Is Here for You

At Olson Wiest Law, we focus on Tax and Estate Planning, Corporate/Business Law, Business Formation, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Tax Disputes. We are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.