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Small Firm. Medium-Sized Clients. Big Results.

Ephraim Olson originally started this firm because large tax firms lagged so far behind the times in how they offered services; because of this they failed to serve a segment of the market - small and medium-sized businesses.

Ephraim Olson and John Wiest as well as the other members of the firm believed that there was a way to offer the very best tax planning in the world to small and medium-sized businesses at reasonable fixed fee prices, while giving the type of client experience we all expect in today's world. We have said this before but it bears repeating, our clients have savings of 20x the legal fee, which often makes our services their top return on investment.

As part of our effort to bring better service and better tax planning to the small and medium-sized clients, Olson Wiest Law, offers the following:

  • Consultations are always free. Let's be honest, your situation is different from other clients we have. While we pride ourselves in an ability to roll up our sleeves and get your work done, we also want to make sure that there is a good relationship and a solid understanding of your specific needs. We also want to make sure it is clear that we only want you to move forward if you are comfortable with our team and the solutions we are offering. We want you to know that you can say no.
  • Transparent fees. No one likes unexpected, large bills. We have a schedule of fees for our planning and can discuss what we think the savings might be once we start digging into your file. We want to ensure that you know exactly what you are going to pay and what it is based on. We have tried to align our incentives so there are no wasted hours on your file.
  • Progressive Technology. Times are changing. Gone are the days of dressing up to meet an attorney in a stuffy conference room downtown. We pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the technological tools to make interactions with our clients more convenient. We are more than happy to meet with you over the phone or through a video conference. With office space along the Wasatch front we can meet you in an office closer to your home. We have even made office calls for some clients. We are taking the necessary steps to help you have a delightful and comfortable experience with your tax attorney.

Knowledge and Experience

With Juris Doctorates from Harvard and advanced post-JD-LL.M. education in taxation from New York University, Ephraim and John are among the most qualified tax and estate specialists in Utah.

Olson Wiest Is Here for You

At Olson Wiest Law, we focus on Tax and Estate Planning, Corporate/Business Law, Business Formation, Mergers & Acquisitions, and Tax Disputes. We are here to listen to you and help you navigate the legal system.

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