Mergers and Acquisitions

We help both private and public companies with all aspects of small and medium-sized business mergers or acquisitions. We can design, structure, paper and complete transactions, including all tax deferred structures. Mergers and acquisitions are a major step for companies. Buying or selling a company has a lasting effect on the shareholders, management, and employees and has a significant impact on the future of the post-merger company. Because these deals are so fundamental to the operation and future of our clients' business, we make sure that our clients confidently move through the complex and intense process—from planning to negotiations to closing the transaction—with professional guidance about valuation, process, and how to best prepare. Managing the tax consequences of a merger and acquisition can be the most important aspect of the transaction. It provides an opportunity to seize timely tax benefits that can yield significant financial savings. Uncovering those opportunities and using them effectively requires extensive knowledge of the complex tax landscape surrounding mergers and acquisitions, especially in light of recent tax reforms. Specifically we can help with the following:

  • Ease tax burdens in a wide range of transactions, including stock-for-stock exchanges and incorporations
  • Determine availability of net-operating-loss carry forwards to an acquiring company or to a seller
  • Support the qualifications of a transaction as tax-free
  • Provide structuring and documentation for tax-free spin-offs
  • Determine tax basis or earnings and profits amounts prior to distributing property outside a corporate entity
  • Ensure that any international elements of the merger or acquisition are appropriately planned

Knowledge and Experience

With Juris Doctorates from Harvard and advanced post-JD-LL.M. education in taxation from New York University, Ephraim and John are among the most qualified tax and estate specialists in Utah.

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