Tax Disputes

We help with all IRS and Utah Tax Commission tax disputes. We help with audits, appeals. We protect our clients from the taxing authorities and ensure that they have the best legal strategy on which to rely. We take care of all aspects of the disputes including:

  • Responding to letters you receive from the IRS or UT State Tax Commission. This can be in response to an audit request or just a letter questioning a filing position
  • Helping through all stages of an audit, including taking care of all correspondence with the IRS or UT Tax authorities, reviewing documents to be sent to the tax authorities, come up with legal positions that best support your facts, and come to all meetings with the tax authorities
  • Reviewing documents and filings to understand potential liability. Based on that potential liability we can come up with a comprehensive strategy for responding to the tax authority
  • Preparing and filing an appeal, and handling all subsequent communications with the appeals officer to ensure that we present the very best facts and legal arguments to support our position.
  • Using every tool available to postpone or reduce a tax bill, interest or penalties. We work with you to determine your objectives and walk you through the available tools.
  • Responding to other disputes, such as property tax disputes, you have with the IRS or Utah State Tax Commission.

Knowledge and Experience

With Juris Doctorates from Harvard and advanced post-JD-LL.M. education in taxation from New York University, Ephraim and John are among the most qualified tax and corporate law specialists in Utah.

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